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Upcoming Meetings

    • 04/24/2024
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • 461

    Date:  Wednesday, April 24th, 2024
    Time:  7:00-8:00 pm EST

    Topic: "The Use of hemp cannabinoids: from Farm to the Clinic"

    For our next event, we will be hosting Dr. Joseph Wakshlag DVM, PhD, DACVIM (nutrition), DACVSMR who will be speaking about cannabinoid use in veterinary medicine! More information below:

    This presentation is appropriate for veterinarians and technicians.

    Here are the quick details:

    • This meeting is open to member veterinarians and technicians.
    • After registration with the WMVMA, you will receive an email to register with Zoom. You MUST register with Zoom to receive the link to the webinar. 

    About the event topic:

    Cannabinoid use is growing in veterinary medicine with indications emerging around mobility, seizure control, and itchy dogs with evidence continuing to mount.  Understanding how and when it can be used is important in a time when clients are asking about it regularly.  The regulation of hemp as a supplement is complex, but the web is becoming untangled due to new AAVSB guidelines which will be discussed.  Most importantly veterinarians need to understand the quality control mechanism in place to ensure that what you are providing is hemp.  Consistency and research around the products and which species can use it effectively are important issues that will be addressed since the pharmacokinetics across species are highly variable.

    About our speaker:

    Dr. Joe received his Bachelors and Master of Science degrees from Montclair State College from his home state of NJ. He then attended Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and then began an Anatomic Pathology residency after graduation in 1998. His passion for nutrition led to his non-traditional Veterinary Nutrition residency during his time at Cornell, as well as a PhD in pharmacology in 2005. Prior to this he did locum work in the Finger Lakes area and went into General Practice in Connecticut from 2005-2006 before returning to Cornell as an Assistant Professor on Nutrition at the College of Veterinary Medicine. During this time he rose through the ranks to become a Full Professor in 2018 while also becoming a founding member of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, not only serving on the Board from 2010-2014, but also helped lead the American College of Veterinary Nutrition during a similar time frame.

    Dr. Joe has been service Chief of Service for the Nutrition Department at Cornell since 2007 and was Chief of Service of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation department from 2014-2018. He has been very active in benchtop and clinical studies at Cornell in the areas of obesity, cancer cell biology, nutraceuticals, sporting dog metabolism and nutrient requirements. He has authored over a dozen book chapters and well over 100 peer reviewed publications and is a perennial speaker at VMX and WVC on the cannabinoids in veterinary medicine which has been a research focus of his over the last 5 years.

Past Meetings

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12/06/2022 December 6 webinar: "Those Teenage Years", addressing hyperarousal
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10/24/2022 October 24 meeting :: Clinical Experience with Solensia
10/11/2022 October 11 webinar: Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) & Its Use in Veterinary Patients
09/08/2022 September 8 In-person meeting: Addressing Barriers in Veterinary Dermatopical Therapy
05/19/2022 May 19 In-person meeting: “I Feel the Need...the Need for Speed When Killing Ticks”
05/17/2022 May 17 webinar: Path to Effective Postoperative Pain Management
05/05/2022 May 5 webinar: Clinical Use of Stelfonta for Canine Mast Cell Tumors
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04/21/2022 IN PERSON April 21 meeting: How to get your "SHOT" together
04/12/2022 April 12 webinar: Adversary to Ally
03/16/2022 March 16 webinar: Addison's disease
03/01/2022 March 1 webinar: RACE approved webinar: What Is New in Canine Mitral Valve Disease?
02/17/2022 February 17 webinar: RACE accredited Veterinary technician meeting: Feline Anesthesia
02/08/2022 February 8 Webinar : Telehealth and Telemedicine Legal and Ethical Considerations
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11/04/2021 November 4 Webinar :: Risk Assessment and Prognosis for Aggressive Dogs
10/20/2021 October 20 Webinar : Practical Approach to the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
10/05/2021 October 5 Webinar : Lyme Pathogenesis, presented by Zoetis
09/21/2021 September 21 Webinar : Heaven at Home
09/09/2021 September 9 Webinar : Communication in Times of Change
05/13/2021 May 13 Webinar :: Seizures in Cats
04/29/2021 April 29 Webinar :: Facing the Uncomfortable Reality of the New Standard of Care in Veterinary Medicine
04/13/2021 April 13 Webinar :: Dermatology Pearls
03/24/2021 March 24 Webinar :: Start the Movement | COAST: Canine OsteoArthritis Staging Tool
03/09/2021 March 9 Webinar :: COVID puppies
02/17/2021 February 17 Webinar: Canine Heart Disease: Clinically Relevant Topics
02/09/2021 February 9th Webinar: Parasites, your Patients, and your Practice: What's the Latest?
01/20/2021 January 20 Webinar: Practice Value and Ownership
11/17/2020 November 17 Webinar :: Canine Aggression
11/11/2020 November 11 Webinar :: Feline Vaccination
11/05/2020 November 5 Webinar :: Ophthalmology
10/21/2020 October 21 Webinar :: Controlled Substances 101
09/23/2020 September 23 Webinar :: Cardiology
08/05/2020 August 5 Webinar :: Veterinary Pharmacy Use
06/24/2020 June 24 Webinar :: Telehealth
06/18/2020 June 18 Webinar :: Curbside Medicine
05/27/2020 May 27 Webinar :: Anxious Cat, Anxious Owner
04/30/2020 April 30 Webinar :: Exotics 101
03/26/2020 *POSTPONED* meeting :: Anesthetic Emergencies
03/21/2020 March 21 Wetlab:: Dental Wet Lab
03/03/2020 March 3 meeting :: Common Problems in Dentistry
02/20/2020 February 20 meeting :: Navigating the World of Emotional Support Dogs
02/05/2020 February 5 meeting:: Stabilization of the Critical Patient
01/16/2020 January 16 meeting :: Financing Your Clinic
01/08/2020 January 8 meeting :: Morbidity & Mortality Rounds
11/19/2019 November 19 meeting :: The Vomiting Dog
11/05/2019 November 5 meeting :: Animal Law & Medical Records
10/17/2019 October 17 meeting :: Feline Ophthalmology
09/19/2019 September 19 meeting :: Succession Planning and Tax Updates
09/05/2019 September 5 meeting :: The ABCDs of Chronic Mitral Valve Disease
05/02/2019 May 2 meeting :: Wildlife Medicine
04/10/2019 April 10 meeting :: Rehabilitation Medicine
03/21/2019 March 21 meeting :: Neurologic Emergencies
03/06/2019 March 6 meeting :: Holistic Medicine
02/21/2019 February 21 meeting :: Workplace Safety
02/05/2019 February 5 meeting :: Treatment of Rodenticide Toxicosis
01/17/2019 January 17 meeting :: Building a staff training program and implementing positive change
01/09/2019 January 9 meeting :: Pets In Need
11/27/2018 November 27 meeting | Hospice with Dr. Laurie Brush
11/15/2018 November 15 meeting :: Separation Anxiety and Noise Phobia
10/18/2018 October 18 meeting :: Neurology
09/29/2018 September 29 meeting :: Senior Pet Symposium
09/12/2018 September 12 meeting | Ophthalmology M & M Rounds
06/20/2018 June 20 meeting | Bee Medicine: Managing Common Pests
05/17/2018 May 17 meeting | Planning for the future in a changing landscape
04/19/2018 April 19 meeting | Orthopedics
03/20/2018 March 20 meeting | Canine Infectious Respiratory Complex
03/15/2018 March 15 meeting | Lyme Disease
02/15/2018 February 15 meeting | Managing Your Clinic Flow
01/30/2018 January 30 meeting | New Developments in the Treatment of Canine Atopy
01/10/2018 January 10 Meeting | Updates in Pharmacy Regulations for Veterinarians

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